Copa Multicultural

League Information

Over the past 19 years our league has been quietly growing. Today the league I founded in 1999 includes over 600 youth on 27 teams spread over the three Counties of the Oregon highest population density. We are guided by a five-member Board of Directors and supported by a strong network of local Schools Districts, Parks and Recreations, teachers, and parents.

The Multicultural League has been very successful in involving a diverse group of students and their families from across the greater Portland area. The organization of the coaching standards and expectations, rules of play, game times and locations and the team recognitions at the end of the tournament have been carried out in a thoughtful and consistent manner. For a group made up of predominantly of so-called “minority” students (Latino, Asian, and Eastern European) an opportunity like this goes a long way in developing a sense of worth and pride in accomplishments earned through hard work.

This is an opportunity not provided elsewhere for these student athletes. Down to the time of the year chosen, it fills a need for the ongoing positive engagement of Portland multicultural youth.

Oscar Monteblanco

Director of Coaches for Hillsboro Soccer Club